Wine is just the messenger


What do you think that the average consumer considers is the joy, the true pleasure of wine? Of course there is no one-size-fits-all answer, but many. Todays article is about what the pleasure of wine - IS NOT (imagine dramatic sound effect of choice)

To put is as clear as I possible can, I’m going to tell you this story about when I was growing up in the 1990s. Dad was working as some kind of computer expert at the time. As everybody who works with their passion he continued dissecting and reading about these (rather primitive) computers when he came home, after work hours. Things like a optic mouse made him exited as a little child. Of course he wanted me to be interested in these enchanting machines to. But I wasn’t. They oozed of burnt plastic, and didn’t help me clean my room.

Dad opened one of them up for me one day and explained what, exactly everything, was called. He sure knew how to exclude people with this nerdy knowledge and untamed jargon. I was terrified. Instead of planting the seed of interest, he tried to plant the whole (redwood) tree at once.

Wine Sector I’m talking to you. Yes you! (There no one behind, don’t be silly)

It stroke me recently that how my father explained computers is very much how classic wine communication is built up. Dad saw computers as an interesting organism in them self’s. But me, as a potential consumer just asked HOW it could help or entertain me. Many passionate communicators in the wine sector do exactly the same. We open the product up by talking about regions and producers and thereby miss the point - the function.

Lets talk about wine more like - toilet paper.

Lets talk about wine more like - toilet paper. How often do you read about if its Vosges or Allier-wood on the back label of your preferred toilet paper? Not that often huh. Its because that the passionate people communicating about toilet paper have taken their passion glasses of, and think function. Outrageous comparison! You say. Surly wine must be different. And that’s partly true. For communicating wine a little passion is important, but always have function in thought, all to often its just product. In other words, I advice you to respectfully wear your “passion monocle” when creating your future wine content.

Wine is just the messenger

Lets say you’re creating marketing content for a wine producer. I don’t now what the use of their wine is to their targeted customers, but I encourage you to find out. One way could be through Social Media monitoring services like VinTank. Question yourself - our wine is a truck filled with what? Even if you choose to talk about the truck the most, don’t forget what its filled with. So, whats the meaning of wine for your consumer? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.