97 complicated points for 2010 Teso la Monja

The 2010 Tinta de Toro blockbuster Teso la Monja has been awarded 97 points by the Guía Peñín. But what at first seems like great news for this aspiring Spanish cult wine becomes more problematic the more I think about it. 

Teso la Monja appeared out of the newly filled pockets of the Eguren brothers after the sale of their Numanthia estate to LVMH. The range of wines are all excellent and benchmarks for Toro reds. 

Guía Peñín (2015)

Guía Peñín (2015)

But is submitting Teso la Monja at a whopping 1200 euro* retail price for reviews such a good idea? The lower end wines Alabaster and Victorino are year after year reaching points well above the 95-mark. Might anything less that a perfect 100 be negative for the reputation of the top end pour, Teso la Monja? 

In this years Guía Peñín the 2012 Victorino at 34 euro received 98 points, 2010 Teso la Monja at 1166 euros more, reached 97. If scores indeed have anything to do with quality, then Teso la Monja is arguably the worst value to date in the history of Spanish wine.  

Of course, we in the industry know its not all about points, but out there - in the luxury wine markets - the situation is different. Perhaps the inflation of points has reached a level where the true cult wines have more reputation to loose than to gain. In my opinion this score demystifies Teso la Monja to a degree where she now stands alone, exposed — naked.  

Whats your take? 

*Guia Peñin (2015)