What is a Cubipalet? (IBC bulk container)

Cubipalet (common synonyms: intermediate bulk container (IBC), cubi-container, cubipallet, cicterne cubi, cubitainer) is a great way to transport wine in smaller batches. At Premium Wine Broker we have used cubipalet for batches of sherry, natural wine and organic olive oil with great success. Learn about our Cubipalet transportation in 3 minutes.

Cubipalet (or IBC)

Cubipalet of 1000 liters

Cubipalet of 1000 liters

Cubipalet’s are used to storage and transport liquid raw materials or finished products. Thanks to a UN approval, the tanks are also suitable for the transportation of hazardous chemicals. We use them to ship selected batches of wine directly from the winery to the country of bottling. It is a fact that the wine is more protected from temperature variations in a cubipalet than in bottle. By bottling in the country of consumption you extend the shelf-life of the product, save money and lower your carbon footprint. 

Benefits with Cubipalet

Transportation in cubipalet is a great alternative to flexitank and isotank when the volumes are not that high. The 1000-liter cubipalet is very durable thanks to the metal cage that encloses it. The plastic is usually a high density polyethylene with UV stabilization that will protect the wine from moderate sunlight. Cubipalet’s can be transported by road, rail or sea, in full compliance with international regulations for the transport. They where slightly more than 60 kilos each.

Premium Wine Broker has helped us export more than 10,000 liters of Oloroso wine during 2016, for these quantities there is no better alternative than cubipalet
— Carmen Romero, Bodegas Yuste, Sanlúcar de Barrameda