New data: Insane focus on Tempranillo in Spain

Who has the cure for the Tempranillo virus?

Who has the cure for the Tempranillo virus?

PREDICTION FOR 2017: If Tempranillo was a stock I would short it. That's right, the king of grapes is over-commercialised and the international consumer is loosing faith in its quality. 

There is an insane Tempranillo bubble in Spain going on at the moment and it needs, and will, burst. Possible (and hopefully) now in 2017. A new graph from the American Association of Wine Economists shows the insane increase of Tempranillo vineyards from 2000 to 2010, the last 6 years is more of the same. 

Tempranillo is commonly both the cheapest and the most expensive offer in the Spanish wine list, creating confusion over its quality. Everything from industrial La Mancha plonk, to the finest vintages signed Peter Sisseck and Benjamin Romero. Its all Tempranillo. Supermarket Tempranillo is commonly colour adjusted to fit a certain consumer group or export market creating further confusion regarding its style. 

The only way get out of this messy situation is to continue to replant the indigenous Iberian grapes. As soon as we get some volume on these, our goal at PWB is to provide our clients with `ABT wines´ in bulk, anything but Tempranillo.

/ Cruz Liljegren, wine broker and member of American Association of Wine Economists