Sell wine to London based members club of 19,000 members | we are looking for winery partners, now!

EXPORT OPPORTUNITY: In just a few months Winebuyers have accumulated 19,000 members, making it the fastest growing wine club on the market. Now they are looking for partners such as online wine retailers and wineries, in all corners of Europe.


Premium Wine Broker has been chosen to connect Winebuyers with the right wines and producers. We are now looking for partners that have an online wine business. The “online” part is necessary as the Winebuyers platform would have to connect to updated stock and pricing information on the winery or wine retailers webpage. 

We invite all wineries and wine retailers to reach out to us and present their project briefly. If Winebuyers would be interested in listing the wines for their members the following offer would apply: 

· A commitment free 3 month trial period 

· No upfront costs / No costs should you not sign up after your trial period ends

· We do not charge commission on any item sold 

· We do not mark up prices of any items 

· No work required on your part (we do all the uploading of items our end)

After the free trail period now of the account managers will get in touch with you and ask if you would like to continue listing your products on the site. The fee for this would be as low as 100 GBP, depending on the number of wines listed. From here we will work on a monthly subscription basis - a sliding scale depending on how many items you would like to have listed.

For any questions regarding this offer, or for sending in information about your wine business, see below details. 

Cruz Liljegren, head of wine broking | | +34 694 485 986