Design your wine label online

DESIGN YOUR WINE LABEL ONLINE: Just want to tell you about this really cool website where you can design your own wine label and get the wine sent home to your doorstep. The wines are selected by us at Premium Wine Broker, so you can be sure there is some real quality in those customisable bottles. 

For the last two years we have been working on a project together with the Winetastic wine company in Madrid. This week we are launching the finished site, the first of its kind.

What is Winetastic? 

Winetastic is a platform where you can customise the wine bottle with your own texts and/or designs. Its the first of its kind where you can follow the evolution of the bottle design in real time. The wines are selected rom the 1500 wines we at Premium Wine Broker taste every year. Its basically a selection of the best values we have found in the Spanish market.

Winetastic Special editions

We also have a section on the site called Winetastic special editions. This will be a place where we will sell some very unique wine brands produced by us or with some of our friends in the industry. For example we are the only online space where you can purchase the Chang-Pang brand of sparkling wines, famous from Ibiza. 

Ready to design your own wine label? 

Just click here and start designing! Perfect for private parties, company events and more. Below is a video on our most popular wine on the shop, a Verdejo from Rueda. Presented by me, Cruz.