Best private label wine producer in Spain

Costco does not develop a Kirkland Signature private label wine unless it can make it better and cheaper than the leading manufacturer brand. 

Costco does not develop a Kirkland Signature private label wine unless it can make it better and cheaper than the leading manufacturer brand. 

BEST PRIVATE LABEL WINE PRODUCER: Who is the best private label wine producer in Spain? This is the #1 question in my inbox since I stated consulting in private label related topics last year! My fast answer is always the same; “the one that can create you a premium private label”

At Premium Wine Broker we are in the business of making money to our clients. The secret of making money is not loosing a lot of money due to bad decisions. According to my experience, this following is the most important thing to consider before selecting a private label wine supplier in Spain. 


Innovative wine brands are winning over copy-cats

Don't make the misstake of creating another copy-cat wine brand. For wine shops and supermarkets, the classic copycat branding strategy (the me too model) does help as a tool against wineries over pricing their wine brands. However, it does not help to differentiate your store against the competition. Its true that you can create a private label that competes with Freixenet in price and packaging. This might keep the sales rep at Freixenet from increasing his price, but it will not keep your final client from visiting your competitors wine store or supermarket.

The emergence of the “premium” private label is one of the hottest trends in the wine business, and the reason is very clear. It sells! In principle, a premium private label must offer high quality together with some element on uniqueness. The competition amongst wine retailers, online retailers and supermarkets are at previously unseen levels. Apart from delicious, your wine offer needs to be relevant and innovative. The innovation part is that will separate you from the competition and make your private label a success.


Finding supplier for your Spanish private label wine

Finding the right supplier for your private label is the most important success factor. Far to many are still selecting bulk wines from producers with neither `vision´ or a customisable bulk wine offer. 

Lots of wineries in Spain are focusing on providing bulk wine for copycat brands. None of these are among the best private label wine producers in Spain. A great role model in the last few years has been the negotiant Raphael Michel in France. Here the buyer can customise almost all aspects of the bulk wine they want to buy. Appellation wine in bulk, an increasing premium offer and even wines from Chile. The buyer can pick and chose according to the tastes of their consumers. My most successful clients are the ones that take an active role in the positioning and manufacturing specifications of the wine. Make it your top priority to find a winery that is flexible. Because the tastes of the market changes faster that you think, and building good relationships with wineries takes time. 

For readers interested in hearing more about the market of premium bulk wine I recommend a visit to the Tim Hanni-conference on the International Bulk Wine & Spirits Show in San Fransisco. This is how Tim presents his talk on the 26th of July at his session “From Plonk to Cult Wines, Myths About the Bulk Wine Industry Cleared”

"One of the biggest misconceptions about bulk wines is that they are “cheap” wines for the most part. While it is true that millions of gallons of inexpensive wines are traded in the bulk wine market most people are surprised to learn how many high-quality wines are traded from very desirable regions, and even single vineyards, like Bordeaux, the Napa Valley and choice areas of Australia and South America to name just a few.” /Tim Hanni MW

Another tip is the conference on private label strategy on the World Bulk Wine Exhibition 2017. There you will hear more about the topic and have a chance to talk to our partner Cruz Liljegren, Head of Wine Broking at Premium Wine Broker. 

The producers we work with here at Premium Wine Broker are the innovators of the sector. Pushing the development of new categories such as low alcohol wines, single vineyard bulk wine, sans sulfite bulk wine, and more. They are constantly developing new offers for their clients.