Private label for restaurant

PRIVATE LABEL FOR RESTAURANT. At Premium Wine Broker we specialise on creating private labels for restaurants and wine shops. We create brands full of emotion and relevant imagery, far from the `functional logic´ that dominated private labels in the past. You will be amazed by the result you can achieve with a niche market private label.

Consumers no longer view private label as a cheep and inferior alternative to producer brands. Two out of three consumers around the world believe that “super market own brands are good alternatives to other brands*. This is largely due to the trend of taking private labels to the premium category. Something that we have been seeing lately from major retailers such as Costco (Kirkland signature), Albert Hein and Woolworths (Select). 

As competition in the wine business increases new brands need to cater to sub-cultures and regional identities to be successful. These brands will obviously not be crated by the producers, they need to be created by a design team together with a player that knows the local market. And no-one knows more about your guests preferences than you. At Premium Wine Broker we collaborate with some of the best wine label designers in Europe, the Winetastic team have a portfolio showcasing labels from design savvy companies such af Fedrigoni, Ladies, Wine & Design and The Heroes Club.


Niche market private labels

At Premium Wine Broker we recommend niche market private labels. For a restaurant or wine bar this can be an excellent way to create a relevant wine list that is inclusive to the not so experienced wine drinker. These wines will be designed to look like a brand, so only the most aware of guests will know that they are actually buying the outlets own label. 

If you are considering buying a manufacturer branded wine, make sure the brand is known for quality by your guests. Because there is really no reason (apart from time spent) for a restaurant to only buy branded products from distributors. You give up margin and profit and are basically building the reputation of somebody else's brand. And you pay them for it. 


Restaurants taking control of the supply chain

As the trend of buying wine in bulk gains traction globally, more and more countries are getting access to modern bottling facilities close to their market. For the first time in history this enables small and mid-sized players, such as restaurants, to buy wine at great prices in bulk. Ask us, we will tel you all about it. 

*ACNielsen “Consumer attitudes towards private label” 

At Premium Wine Broker we help restaurants and wine shops to create your own brand. We design the label as per your specifications and source the perfect wine for your guests. 

A conceptual wine we made for event promoter Erdi Ergün and Cinquantadue in December 2016. "FIND WHAT YOU LOVE AND LET IT KILL YOU is an organic Tempranillo specially made for high volume settings. Flavours emerge one by one like the drums of industrial techno. No private clients, in selected bars and clubs only."