Private Label for restaurants

Private label wine we did for Ladies, Wine & Design (Ibiza) PHOTO: LWD Ibiza

Private label wine we did for Ladies, Wine & Design (Ibiza) PHOTO: LWD Ibiza

PRIVATE LABEL FOR RESTAURANTS: Since two years ago, Premium Wine Broker is collaborating with the Spanish design studio Winetastic. Winetastic has now created a fantastic offer for restaurant owners in Europe looking to improve their wine selection with a private label. In short, they will do the job for free! 

The following is a presentation of the offer, for friends and clients of Premium Wine Broker. 

We offer you this opportunity to get closer to your guests and to offer a unique wine only available though you. Let creativity be a integral part of your business and offer your guests to have a taste of what you are all about as a company. Fernando L. Romero, founder of Winetastic

Specific benefits with creating your own wine brand

  • Get a unique wine offer for your guests
  • Achieve high margins on beverage sales due to a incomparable wine offer
  • Get merchandising (the wine) for events, gifts and loyal customers
  • Create a wine especially made for the style of the kitchen
  • Strengthens the prestige and brand of the restaurant
  • Secure high margins and quality on your house wine 

How to get revenue from online wine sales as a restaurant 

Ever had a guest asking about where they can purchase a wine they
have tasted in the restaurant? exactly, its one of the most common questions
for waiters to receive. from us at Winetastic we offer a solution for this,
no longer do you have to loose business. The wine we make for you will be connected to a special affiliate marketing code. a code that permits your guests to purchase your wine online at a discount that you decide. Best of all, the profits from these online sales goes directly to you!

Special Launch offer | summer 2017

Because we are interested in getting more clients we offer you a great deal. our professional branding and design-work at no cost. a service that we normally take €1000 up to €1300. Take the control of your wine offer and experience the image building, and economic benefits, of having your unique wine.

  • Selection of your wine, with including consultation – Free
  • Final tasting with our wine expert, with including consultation – Free
  • Design of your bottle, with including consultation – Free
  • Your finished label, cork (or screw cork) and capsule – Free
  • Minimum order – no minimum order –
  • Contract on that the wine will be listed for a minimum of 12 months

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