Buy vegan wine in bulk (vegan bulk wine)

Get your vegan bulk wine from us, click the link below.

Get your vegan bulk wine from us, click the link below.

Bulk wine buyers still find it difficult to find bulk wines that are Vegan. Large buyers, in for example the Scandinavian countries, are currently pressuring their suppliers to use vegan friendly processes. But It takes time for large wineries to adjust their production methods, and even longer to get the final decision approved. The need for began bulk wine is predicted to rise also in the US, England, Holland and Germany. 

At Premium Wine Broker we have reason to believe that vegan wines will outnumber non-vegan wines within 20 years, but we are not there yet.

What is vegan wine? 

Vegan wines are produced without any processes, ingredients or help (such as vineyard horse) derived from the animal kingdom. All young wines are slightly hazy and contain particles. The fastest way to make a young wine clear is through a process called “fining”. The issue is that the fining agents used for this process can be derived from animals, agents such as casein, albumin, gelatine and isinglass are common. Instead of using these products, vegan wines are using for example Bentonite, a sort of clay. Another ingredient that is unsuitable for vegan wine is the enzyme Lysozyme (E 1105) that is sometimes used to stop the malolactic fermentation. 

Vegan as “unique selling point”

All wines need to have a unique selling point, and vegan might just be the one you want to use. We recommend using “vegan” as a complement to other concepts on your wine label. It’s clear to us that consumers consider a vegan wine more clean and healthy, even non-vegans have positive ideas about vegan wine. 

Where do I find vegan wine in bulk? 

The problem that many private label owners are facing is that most bulk wine wineries do not produce vegan wines, in fact, very few does. This will change in time, but at the moment sourcing a continuous supply of vegan bulk wine is a hassle. As the first bulk wine broker do to so, we have sought out a wide variety of premium quality bulk wines produced in a vegan friendly manner. 

Our vegan bulk wines

After sampling close to all vegan bulk wines on the market we have come to the conclusion that the best value wines in the vegan category are to be found in Romania. Perhaps unexpectedly Romania has a similar vineyard size as Chile and Portugal, but close to no reputation in export markets. 2017 was a key year in the history of Romanian wine, the poor harvests elsewhere in Europe made buyers consider Romanian wine seriously for the very first time. Buyers with a sharp eye for value have been dealing with Romanian wine since the 1990s, but quality has always been better elsewhere. This is no longer true, as any taster of our selection can see for themselves.