Consultation in Private Label Strategy

Cruz Liljegren’s company Premium Wine Broker is one of the top wine brokers in Europe according to

Cruz Liljegren’s company Premium Wine Broker is one of the top wine brokers in Europe according to

After monthly requests to get Cruz Liljegren to consult in Private Label Strategy we have created this information page to better receive your bookings. Cruz is by now one of the most experienced wine business professionals in the private label sector. His lectures in Private Label Strategy has drawn hundreds of people on events such as The World Bulk Wine Exhibition and Vinitaly. But also at some of the top hospitality schools in the world such as the César Ritz Colleges (Switzerland) and Grythyttan hospitality school (Sweden). Take the opportunity to learn about Private Label Strategy from someone that has been instrumental in the creation of more than 35 real life private labels.

Consultation in Private Label Strategy (€4900/Full day)

This consultation is designed for businesses that are planning to launch a private label wine. Cruz will be working with your team and listen to your business case and goals. He will be guiding the process drawing examples from his vast material of scientific research and experience in the field. Learn why so many private labels fail, and what you can do to increase your chances. Learn about everything from the creative process, to sourcing and labelling. This is designed to be a compete consultation in Private Label Strategy for the wine industry.

Lecture in Private Label Strategy (€2500/Full day)

This lecture covers the basics in private label strategy and draws from a vast material of scientific research and real life experience. This is the same material as I have thought on César Ritz Colleges (Switzerland) and other top hospitality and business schools around the world. In 2019 Cruz Liljegren is testing new material and offers 50% discount for universities and business schools. The material covered the following topics:

  • Definition of bulk wine 

  • Technological timeline of transporting wine  

  • How volumes are moving across the globe 

  • Evolution of wine trade in value and volume 

  • Wine export value and volume (2018)

  • The four major bulk wine importers

  • Who is buying in bulk?

  • The benefits with transportation in bulk

  • Bulk wine exports by country

  • Average prices per litre  

  • Incoterms (pre-defined commercial terms)

  • Why would anyone sell in bulk?

  • Everything about private labels

  • Relationship between bulk wine & private labels

  • OEM Wine 

  • Why are retailers creating private labels?

  • Can producers compete with private labels?

  • “12 rules” of private label strategy  

  • How to source bulk wine

  • Innovations in wine making

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