The French Paradox is solved


Lazy wine marketers must stop recommending wine for its health benefits. It’s shameful, immoral and bad for business. The moment millennials find out that the wine industry is spreading deceiving information they will turn their backs towards wine forever. It happened with tobacco, it’s happening to milk, and guess what – it will happen to wine.

Wine is an alcoholic beverage and alcohol is known for causing 7 different types of cancer. When we drink alcohol, it is turned in to a chemical called acetaldehyde, it causes cancer by damaging DNA. But how about resveratrol? According to Harvard Professor Dr. David Sinclair there is no science behind the claims that the resveratrol levels present in red wine have any health benefits.

– You would have to drink 100 glasses of wine per day to reach beneficial levels, said Sinclair on his TEDx talk on the effects of resveratrol.

Learning from the mistakes of Tobacco

– We don’t accept the idea that there are harmful agents in tobacco, said Philip Morris in 1964. Evidence of the statistical link between smoking and lung cancer had been piling up since the early fifties. In the face of mounting evidence against tobacco, the companies responded by creating doubt and controversy surrounding the health risks. If the tobacco companies would just have confirmed the heath concerns we would most likely have a more positive view of the tobacco industry today. Wine should learn from history and not repeat the mistakes of the past.

11,900 cases of cancer a year just in the UK

According to Cancer Research UK, alcohol consumption causes 11,900 cases of cancer a year in the UK. These are very few scientists, if any, that recommends wine consumption for heath reasons. Despite of this lazy wine marketers are continuing to push their toxic ideas about wines health properties. We have all seen it. On winery blogs, in social media content och in winemakers interviews. Information about the health benefits of red wine have been spread for decades. And it all started with something called The French Paradox.

Newsflash; the French Paradox is solved

The French Paradox refers to the notion that drinking wine may explain the relatively low rates of heart disease among the French, despite their fondness for cheese and fatty foods. But many experts argue that the paradox is now solved, that factors other than wine where accounting for the observation, such as lifestyle and dietary differences.

– people who drink wine are more likely do so as part of a healthy pattern, such as drinking a glass or two with a nice meal. Those habits, rather than their choice of alcohol, may explain their heart health, said Dr. Kenneth Mukamal, at Harvard-affiliated BIDMC in Boston.

Millennials are not stupid

A new report called `US Landscapes 2019´ from Wine Intelligence concludes that people under 35 are drinking less wine than they used to. Part of the reason is that millennials are more health focused than older generations. Findings such as these have resulted in a change in how many wine marketers are addressing young consumers. It is my own observation that an increasing amount of wineries are now pushing the health benefits of red wine. This is incredibly dangerous business practice. The moment a millennial feels cheated by a product category, they will turn against it. Look what is happening to cow milk, a beverage that many millennials argue was dishonest in their health claims. The total volume of milk sold in the United States retail between 2010 and 2015 declined by 13%. Milk should have focused on its superior flavour compared to its vegan options.

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