How to design wine labels with a small budget


Small budgets should never stand in the way of big ideas. The thirst for new wine labels is steadily increasing, in 2019 wine distributors and importers all want their exclusive labels. One reason for this is that the internet has facilitated price comparisons by consumers.

Everyone used to pay big money for designs. But with more and more specialised labels for specific markets or clients, the endeavour is getting incredibly expensive. Lots of companies in the wine business still don’t know that it’s possible to get a new wine label design for a few hundred euros.

Freelance platform, 99designs, connects wine entrepreneurs with the most talented designers worldwide so that customised wine label artwork can be created. This is relevant for bulk wine buyers, as they can create a multitude of labels in short amount of time and with a low investment.

There is no hassle sourcing expertise because you find artists who are vetted for quality and who offer a variety of skillsets. There are two unique approaches to use 99designs, Hire a Designer or Start a Contest:

Hire a Designer is ideal for clients who have a concise idea of the style and art direction they want for their project. The customer starts by filtering their creative needs when browsing artist portfolios. The talent that catches their eye is invited to start a project and after a short brief is provided, the designers will pitch their ideas along with a quote. The estimated price range is €269-€899, which affords you full copyright and production ready files.

Start a Contest is aimed at customers who are open to different styles, ideas and concepts. In the spirit of a competition, the brief is provided to the design community who submit their work for the client to select the winning design. Four fixed-price packages are available from €269 and upwards. This option offers unique designs at affordable prices as the biggest advantage.

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