Supermarket champions bulk wine from rare grape varieties

The new “W” range from Waitrose

The new “W” range from Waitrose

BULK WINE FROM RARE GRAPES: Popular British supermarket chain, Waitrose, are stepping away from the crowd in a bold effort to highlight the diversity of wines to their customers. A collection of nine lesser-known wine varieties have been curated to form Waitrose’s own-label wines under the “W range.” 

If the collection proves successful with the consumers, then more retailers might ask for lesser known varieties. This will benefit diversity and competition, and is therefore a welcome initiative for the bulk wine sector where many producers struggle to sell their wines produced from lesser known indigenous grapes.

Waitrose recognise that variety is the spice of life and with this in the forefront of their mind, they have dedicated a large amount of resources to research this experimental project. The exciting line up launched on 17 June 2019, opens the customer’s world to opportunities that connect them with more exotic varieties from Europe and South America. These are wines that they would normally only experience when travelling. 

The collection introduces varieties such as:

  • Marselan and Petit Manseng from France

  • Pais from Chile

  • Cannonau and a sparkling Pecorino from Italy

  • Mencia from Spain

  • Elbling from Germany

  • Arinto from Portugal

  • Zweigelt rosé from Austria.

“The range is ever evolving and Waitrose hope to continue expanding it even further in the future” said Waitrose & Partners wine buying manager, James Bone.

The W Range aims is to inspire customers to venture past the popular favourites (Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc) and experience something different that makes their lifestyle more varied and interesting. The conclusions of the extensive research and development have allowed Waitrose to collaborate with accomplished wine makers across Europe and South America. The result is an intriguing assortment of wines affordably priced between £6.99 to £9.99 which they hope will spur their customers to sit up and celebrate the summer in style.

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