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Why being a member of the Circle of Wine Writers matters to me

Photo: Instagram: @cruz_lilje

Photo: Instagram: @cruz_lilje

Thrilled to be a part of the increasingly global organisation of wine communicators. ”The Circle” is the leading association of its kind within the world of wine. Exiting therefore to hear that I must be one of the youngest members ever, if not the youngest, to be included. 

The reason for me, as a non Londoner, to join is that I share the Circles general concern about improving the quality of wine journalism, specifically in emerging wine markets. How cheerful that nations as diverse as Mexico, Nigeria and Sri Lanka are getting increasingly more curious about wine.

Wine communicators are an important ingredient in keeping that sparkle alive and informing about the pleasures around the corner. This is something I care about, but not for economical reasons, but for the cultural, societal, ecological and personal gains attached to an interest in what we put in our mouths. 

Today wine brand and winery export managers have an unprecedented opportunity to get noticed in uncrowded new markets. My old study pal from the Burgundy School of Business, Dmitry Koutcherouk, is one example of an increasingly important communicator in an emerging market. As a sommelier and writer he is relentless in his ambitions to grow the wine culture in Minsk, the capital of Belarus. How much under-appreciated is he, and the wine lovers like him, in relation to his potential impact on the market? 

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