espaceagro review | Scam or Legit?

Espace agro, review by

Espace agro, review by

Espace agro is a food and agrobusiness marketplace with over 200,000 registered members. It’s also one of the most frustrating webpages to navigate. In this post we give you our impression as a bulk wine broker. 

The idea with this post is just to give you as a buyer or seller of bulk wine an idea of our experience of Espace agro. A short review if you want. First of all, it’s impossible to miss how badly built the site is. As a business person I see the potential of the service but the build quality is one of the worst I've ever seen. Because there is very little written about this site we decided to give our friends in the bulk business some of our impressions. 

Is espace agro legit? 

Yes, we believe the site is safe. After having spent €100 for a pack of 100 units we can testify that it is posible to get in contact with buyers and sellers of bulk wine thru espace agro. Premium Wine Broker has successfully used the site to buy Spanish bulk wine and organic olive oil. We will continue to use the site, but its not part of our key channels for finding the right wines for our customers. 

Good things with espace agro  

  • As a market place Espace agro doesn't take commission on sales. They sell “units” to the user that can be exchanged for allowances to message other users in a model resembling LinkedIn InMessage.  
  • The site does enable you to get in contact with producers that have very low visibility on google and little to no marketing knowledge. This puts buyers in a strong position, achieved prices may be very satisfactory.   
  • As a broker you can publish exactly what you are looking for and then receive email from sellers of the product. Most of the times the sellers will not respect your exact needs and will just offer a similar product.  

Bad things with espace agro  

  • The site is built in French and many of its functions do not translate well in the english version. 
  • The users the advertise bulk wine normally give very little technical information about the wine, making the use of espace agro very time consuming.
  • The site is impossible to trust, and may give you error messages at any time