Private label spirits | Vodka, Whisky, Rum, and more

Create your own spirits brand, will you let us help?

Create your own spirits brand, will you let us help?

This is a short blogpost to tell you guys about our newest private label service for spirits. Since we started our broking business in 2017 we been focusing on wines, especially from Spain. Requests for spirits stated to come in already in 2018, but we had to decline these due to lack of resources and contacts. Starting now in September 2019 we will be fully operational with out spirits broking, something that we believe is of great value to many of the small and mid-sized brand owners out there.

Private label spirits – orders as small as 220 liters 

The last few months we have been traveling extensively to build relationships with spirits producers around the globe. Besides hight quality we have been looking for spirits partners that can supply in smaller quantities of 220, 500 and 1000 liters. Delivered in IBC. This is something heavily requested at the moment because the amount of brand owners in the spirits industry is increasing, and most of the new players want to start small. 

Covering all price points – entry level to super premium

Just tell us about your ambitions in the spirits industry and we will pitch you some alternative spirit suppliers. We have access to everything from the lowest priced Vodkas (0,62€/L) to some fine Cognac VS (9,68€), just let us know what you need. 

Purchase in bulk or bottled 

Our suppliers let us purchase the spirits in bulk (1000 litre IBC) or bottled. Just let us know how you want it, flexibility is no issue for us. We can even adjust alcohol levels to your exact need. Contact us with the form below, we generally reply within 24 hours.

Some of the spirits we now offer inside our private label programme 

  • White Rum 

  • Dark Rum 

  • Vodka 

  • London Dry Gin 

  • Tequila 

  • Blended Whisky 

  • Apple Brandy 

  • Grape Brandy

  • Cognac VS

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