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Do consumers care about the morality of copycat wine brands?

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Sainsbury´s have replaced Chile’s number one brand `Casillero del Diablo´ with its own `Camino del Angel´. It’s a controversial move because they are clearly benefiting from the design similarities, and piggybacking on major investments done by Concha y Toro in the UK. But who cares? And what wine brand will suffer next.

Copycat wine brands put pressure on producers

Copycat store brands or (retailer copycat brands) are nothing new, they have been used to drive revenue and profits from wineries to retailers. By creating a copycat wine, the Supermarkets sends a clear signal to all wineries “if you raise prices, we will hit you back – hard”. To ensure quality retailers analyse the contents of a leading manufacturer brand. and then re-create the product step by step, a process called reverse engineering. Producers often prefer to think that there is something inherently unique with their wines, and maybe they are right. But consumers generally can’t tell the difference, as seen from data by Vivino.

Consumers can’t really tell the difference

The copycat brand Camino del Àngel Cabernet Sauvignon has an average rating of 3,3 stars out of 350 ratings. Casillero del Diablo Cabernet Sauvignon has a rating of 3,5 stars out of 83214 ratings. Objectively speaking, Sainsbury seems to have done a hell of a good job with their private label.

The solution: wineries needs to work with their USP

Wineries needs to work with their unique selling points to stay relevant to supermarket wine buyers. The only way wineries can protect themselves is by creating strong unique selling points. The problem that Casillero del Diablo and so many wine brands face is that they are building their unique selling points with storytelling. There is nothing tangible with the Casillero del Diablo that deserves a price-price-premium, and the supermarkets can smell it. Combine this with the remarkable quality improvements made by bulk wine producers and you have a complicated future ahead for winery brands. One must remember that one of the reasons Casillero del Diablo is Chile’s number one brand is that it was one of the few wines that was well made some 20 years ago. Today well made wine is a commodity.

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Buy vegan wine in bulk (vegan bulk wine)

Get your vegan bulk wine from us, click the link below.

Get your vegan bulk wine from us, click the link below.

Bulk wine buyers still find it difficult to find bulk wines that are Vegan. Large buyers, in for example the Scandinavian countries, are currently pressuring their suppliers to use vegan friendly processes. But It takes time for large wineries to adjust their production methods, and even longer to get the final decision approved. The need for began bulk wine is predicted to rise also in the US, England, Holland and Germany. 

At Premium Wine Broker we have reason to believe that vegan wines will outnumber non-vegan wines within 20 years, but we are not there yet.

What is vegan wine? 

Vegan wines are produced without any processes, ingredients or help (such as vineyard horse) derived from the animal kingdom. All young wines are slightly hazy and contain particles. The fastest way to make a young wine clear is through a process called “fining”. The issue is that the fining agents used for this process can be derived from animals, agents such as casein, albumin, gelatine and isinglass are common. Instead of using these products, vegan wines are using for example Bentonite, a sort of clay. Another ingredient that is unsuitable for vegan wine is the enzyme Lysozyme (E 1105) that is sometimes used to stop the malolactic fermentation. 

Vegan as “unique selling point”

All wines need to have a unique selling point, and vegan might just be the one you want to use. We recommend using “vegan” as a complement to other concepts on your wine label. It’s clear to us that consumers consider a vegan wine more clean and healthy, even non-vegans have positive ideas about vegan wine. 

Where do I find vegan wine in bulk? 

The problem that many private label owners are facing is that most bulk wine wineries do not produce vegan wines, in fact, very few does. This will change in time, but at the moment sourcing a continuous supply of vegan bulk wine is a hassle. As the first bulk wine broker do to so, we have sought out a wide variety of premium quality bulk wines produced in a vegan friendly manner. 

Our vegan bulk wines

After sampling close to all vegan bulk wines on the market we have come to the conclusion that the best value wines in the vegan category are to be found in Romania. Perhaps unexpectedly Romania has a similar vineyard size as Chile and Portugal, but close to no reputation in export markets. 2017 was a key year in the history of Romanian wine, the poor harvests elsewhere in Europe made buyers consider Romanian wine seriously for the very first time. Buyers with a sharp eye for value have been dealing with Romanian wine since the 1990s, but quality has always been better elsewhere. This is no longer true, as any taster of our selection can see for themselves. 

Tempranillo | Our bulk wines

Clever packaging, a good strategy for Tempranillo.

Clever packaging, a good strategy for Tempranillo.

In this series of posts we would like give a short introduction to the different bulk wine varietals we are broking. As you might well know, our ambition is to select the best bulk wines after every harvest. The quality should be noticeably better that the average, and the wineries we work with should be just eager and flexible as us. 

Where to find bulk wine Tempranillo 

Tempranillo is a grape with a long history in Spain dating back to at least the thirteenth century. The birthplace is very likely to be the wine regions of Rioja and Navarra. Bunches are medium-sized (sometimes large) and compact, with with small thick skinned berries. The majority of the Tempranillo bulk wines comes from the vast arid highlands of Castilla La-Mancha, Spain. It’s possible to talk about regional differences in wine style in Castilla La-Mancha, but more important is the ambitions and capabilities of the growers and producers. 

The yields of Tempranillo in Spain depends on the vineyard site. Less qualitative areas bring large yields but lower color intensity, concentration and acidity. Finding the right cooperative or privately owned wine producer is tricky, there are hundreds of wine producers in Spain offering bulk wine Tempranillo. It’s a misstake to believe that the quality of commercial bulk wines derive exclusively from the vineyard, investments in good winery equipment will influence the end result to a great degree.

Market reputation of Tempranillo 

Due to the large amount of Spanish Tempranillo available on the market every year, the price is commonly the lowest of the red varietals. This makes it very popular for entry-level wine brands, but also as the first red wine to introduce in new wine markets such as China or Nigeria. The character of Tempranillo bulk wines are generally soft and fruity, so most consumers are familiar with the taste profile.

Marketing bulk wines made with Tempranillo 

For consumers, the name Tempranillo says little about the quality of the wine. It adds no real value to the product, but doesn’t give any negative associations either. Therefore, we generally recommend not putting the emphasis on the wine grape, but in other concepts. Successful clients of ours have sometimes used humor and created laid-back wine concepts appreciated by wide consumer segments.   

The Bulk Wine Club – key resource for successful bulk wine business

Correct information is the basis for successful bulk wine trading. PHOTO CREDIT: Premium Wine Broker

Correct information is the basis for successful bulk wine trading. PHOTO CREDIT: Premium Wine Broker

Bulk wine buyers have very few specialised `essential´ sites, one of them is The Bulk Wine Club. Content is not free, but then again, most quality information seldom is. The Bulk Wine Club is essentially an on-line platform for the bulk wine industry, both sellers and buyers have a range of services they can benefit from. 

The club is run by World Bulk Wine Exhibition, something that for obvious reasons gives the club credibility is the founders. The World Bulk Wine Exhibition is by far the most important meeting for the bulk wine trade. If you’ve never been, I highly recommend it. This year is a bit special because they celebrate their 10th anniversary. The fair is on the 26th and 27th of November, always in Amsterdam. 

Below I’ll list the two membership benefits that I’m most exited about. This is not a complete list of benefits, just the ones I find the most powerful for my clients. 

1. Bulk wine news

One of my favourite parts of the platform is the news section, where they publish the latest bulk wine news, company reports, statistics and market studies. This is information that is really challenging to find from other sources. The same applies for the detailed and constantly updated information on bulk wine prices – this should be a resource for everybody trading in bulk wine.


2. Events beyond WBWE  

A service I hope they continue to develop is the bulk wine related events. The first one, to my knowledge will be the California Business Wine Tour on the 24th to the 26th of June. This is a quite unique opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge about the bulk wine market in the United States. The event seems to be packed with keynotes, face-to-face meetings, winery visits and more. Events like these serve an important role in opening up the bulk wine industry to newcomers and I’ll hope to see more of these in the future. 

Most trusted wine broker in Spain


TRUSTED WINEBROKER: This just in! We have been awarded a 5 star rating in trust from the industry leading independent rating system. We can now confidently say that we are the #1 trusted broker in Barcelona and among the top 5 in Spain! 

We know that trust is an absolute necessity and are working hard to be viewed as a serious and dependable partner. Thats why we are very proud of our five star rating from Wine-Searcher – the industry leading rating for wine brokers. Wine-Searcher ratings are based on daily calculations from the information they store in their database.

I want to personally thank every one of our clients that have made this possible for us, that fact that you are happy with our service means the world to us. 

Thank you from the bottom om my heart! 

The `Merchant Star Rating´ on wine-searcher.com is viewed by many as the industry leading rating for wine brokers.

Espaceagro.com review | Scam or Legit?

Espace agro, review by PremiumWineBroker.com

Espace agro, review by PremiumWineBroker.com

Espace agro is a food and agrobusiness marketplace with over 200,000 registered members. It’s also one of the most frustrating webpages to navigate. In this post we give you our impression as a bulk wine broker. 

The idea with this post is just to give you as a buyer or seller of bulk wine an idea of our experience of Espace agro. A short review if you want. First of all, it’s impossible to miss how badly built the site is. As a business person I see the potential of the service but the build quality is one of the worst I've ever seen. Because there is very little written about this site we decided to give our friends in the bulk business some of our impressions. 

Is espace agro legit? 

Yes, we believe the site is safe. After having spent €100 for a pack of 100 units we can testify that it is posible to get in contact with buyers and sellers of bulk wine thru espace agro. Premium Wine Broker has successfully used the site to buy Spanish bulk wine and organic olive oil. We will continue to use the site, but its not part of our key channels for finding the right wines for our customers. 

Good things with espace agro  

  • As a market place Espace agro doesn't take commission on sales. They sell “units” to the user that can be exchanged for allowances to message other users in a model resembling LinkedIn InMessage.  
  • The site does enable you to get in contact with producers that have very low visibility on google and little to no marketing knowledge. This puts buyers in a strong position, achieved prices may be very satisfactory.   
  • As a broker you can publish exactly what you are looking for and then receive email from sellers of the product. Most of the times the sellers will not respect your exact needs and will just offer a similar product.  

Bad things with espace agro  

  • The site is built in French and many of its functions do not translate well in the english version. 
  • The users the advertise bulk wine normally give very little technical information about the wine, making the use of espace agro very time consuming.
  • The site is impossible to trust, and may give you error messages at any time