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Alcohol Free Private Label Wine

Alcohol free wine brands does not have to be boring!

Alcohol free wine brands does not have to be boring!

HOW TO CREATE A PRIVATE LABEL OF ALCOHOL FREE WINE: Creating a brand of alcohol free wine has not always been that easy. The technology involved in low-alcohol or alcohol-free wines is expensive, and wineries has traditionally been focusing on promoting their own, higher margin, winery brands of dealcoholized wine. For brand owners without the equipment and know-how, it’s been difficult. Another issue for us has been that the quality of the wines have been questionable, to say the least. Often showing reductive notes, or aromas of cooked cabbage, that somehow magically disappear if you do the experiment of adding back ethanol to the wine.

Delicious alcohol free wines – we are there!

The technology involved in producing alcohol free wines have improved a lot lately. Our tasting sessions clearly suggest that low-temperature vacuum distillation is the best technology so far invented. We are talking about wines that have been processed with Flavourtech’s Spinning Cone Column, to give an example. The other methods available lead to a reduction in the flavour concentration, especially volatile aroma compounds. Something that seems to be in-line with the latest research by Geisenheim oenologist Dr Matthias Schmitt.

New service for alcohol free private label wines

We are launching our latest service on August 1, 2019. With the help and support from, what we believe, are the best producers of alcohol free wines in Europe. You now have the opportunity to create private labels in quantities as small as one palet. Alcohol free wines is one of the few categories within wine that is growing, take this opportunity and tap into the market of alcohol, free wines before the others.

We have access to the following grape varietals:

  • Alcohol free Chardonnay

  • Alcohol free Sauvignon Blanc

  • Alcohol free Riesling

  • Alcohol free Pinot Noir Rosé

  • Alcohol free Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Alcohol free Aromatico Frizzante

  • Alcohol free Gluhwein

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How to design wine labels with a small budget


Small budgets should never stand in the way of big ideas. The thirst for new wine labels is steadily increasing, in 2019 wine distributors and importers all want their exclusive labels. One reason for this is that the internet has facilitated price comparisons by consumers.

Everyone used to pay big money for designs. But with more and more specialised labels for specific markets or clients, the endeavour is getting incredibly expensive. Lots of companies in the wine business still don’t know that it’s possible to get a new wine label design for a few hundred euros.

Freelance platform, 99designs, connects wine entrepreneurs with the most talented designers worldwide so that customised wine label artwork can be created. This is relevant for bulk wine buyers, as they can create a multitude of labels in short amount of time and with a low investment.

There is no hassle sourcing expertise because you find artists who are vetted for quality and who offer a variety of skillsets. There are two unique approaches to use 99designs, Hire a Designer or Start a Contest:

Hire a Designer is ideal for clients who have a concise idea of the style and art direction they want for their project. The customer starts by filtering their creative needs when browsing artist portfolios. The talent that catches their eye is invited to start a project and after a short brief is provided, the designers will pitch their ideas along with a quote. The estimated price range is €269-€899, which affords you full copyright and production ready files.

Start a Contest is aimed at customers who are open to different styles, ideas and concepts. In the spirit of a competition, the brief is provided to the design community who submit their work for the client to select the winning design. Four fixed-price packages are available from €269 and upwards. This option offers unique designs at affordable prices as the biggest advantage.

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Interested in knowing more? This is a preview of a full text article that will be published (for paying subscribers) of The Bulk Wine Club, the biggest online platform for the international bulk wine trade.

Consultation in Private Label Strategy

Cruz Liljegren’s company Premium Wine Broker is one of the top wine brokers in Europe according to

Cruz Liljegren’s company Premium Wine Broker is one of the top wine brokers in Europe according to

After monthly requests to get Cruz Liljegren to consult in Private Label Strategy we have created this information page to better receive your bookings. Cruz is by now one of the most experienced wine business professionals in the private label sector. His lectures in Private Label Strategy has drawn hundreds of people on events such as The World Bulk Wine Exhibition and Vinitaly. But also at some of the top hospitality schools in the world such as the César Ritz Colleges (Switzerland) and Grythyttan hospitality school (Sweden). Take the opportunity to learn about Private Label Strategy from someone that has been instrumental in the creation of more than 35 real life private labels.

Consultation in Private Label Strategy (€4900/Full day)

This consultation is designed for businesses that are planning to launch a private label wine. Cruz will be working with your team and listen to your business case and goals. He will be guiding the process drawing examples from his vast material of scientific research and experience in the field. Learn why so many private labels fail, and what you can do to increase your chances. Learn about everything from the creative process, to sourcing and labelling. This is designed to be a compete consultation in Private Label Strategy for the wine industry.

Lecture in Private Label Strategy (€2500/Full day)

This lecture covers the basics in private label strategy and draws from a vast material of scientific research and real life experience. This is the same material as I have thought on César Ritz Colleges (Switzerland) and other top hospitality and business schools around the world. In 2019 Cruz Liljegren is testing new material and offers 50% discount for universities and business schools. The material covered the following topics:

  • Definition of bulk wine 

  • Technological timeline of transporting wine  

  • How volumes are moving across the globe 

  • Evolution of wine trade in value and volume 

  • Wine export value and volume (2018)

  • The four major bulk wine importers

  • Who is buying in bulk?

  • The benefits with transportation in bulk

  • Bulk wine exports by country

  • Average prices per litre  

  • Incoterms (pre-defined commercial terms)

  • Why would anyone sell in bulk?

  • Everything about private labels

  • Relationship between bulk wine & private labels

  • OEM Wine 

  • Why are retailers creating private labels?

  • Can producers compete with private labels?

  • “12 rules” of private label strategy  

  • How to source bulk wine

  • Innovations in wine making

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