Who is behind Premium Wine Broker?

We are a `low overhead organisation´ in the true sense of the word. We understand that our clients needs the best possible deals and that the times when brokers could take hefty commissions are over. We keep our company expenses extremely low, something that enables us to work with margins as low as 5%. Classic brokers, such as the Bordeaux négociants are taking up to 15% margins.  

How can your margins be so low?



Bulk wine is normal wine shipped in containers larger than a bottle or bag-in-box. The 1900s was a strong century for shipping bottled wine, historically wine was always shipped in bulk.

The idea that bulk wine is inferior to bottled wine is a notion that is slowly changing. Today companies are shopping wine in bulk for many reasons, for example economical or environmental. Buyers can include wineries, importers, exporters or bottling facilities. 

What is bulk wine?


What does bulk wine mean?

See anwser above.

The history of bulk wine

Ancient civilisations such as the Greek, Romans and Etruscans used barrels and amphoras to transport wine, these civilisations all had their technology for shipping wine in bulk. The Romans were well-known for their glasswork. They developed the technique of glassblowing, which was used to make wine bottles, but very much weaker than the glass of today. It was really in the 17th century that glass bottles became a more common way to ship wine. Before this, almost all wine was shipped in bulk.

In the 1900s estate bottled wine became the standard for all quality wines, driven on by wineries such as Chateau Mouton Rothschild, that wanted to ensure complete quality control. At the time not all bottling facilities where ideal, a situation very different from today. But even so, bulk wine did not disappear, remaining an important mechanism in the demand and supply scheme on the market. Today companies are shipping wine in bulk due to reasons as diverse as economical, environmental and even to reach improved quality. 


Our customer portfolio is built by small and mid-sized companies that lack the purchasing power to access the best prices directly from the winery. Premium Wine Broker is the selected partner in Spain for some of the most successful wine merchants in Europe. Here is what they say

Any testimonials from clients? 

When shipping wine to any international destination, the invoice or proforma needs to be specific. This rule should apply especially to commercial shipments. Many countries around the world charge duties based on the type of wine as well as the alcohol content. Ask us for detailed information about shipping wine to international destinations, at premium wine broker we have the latest information and regulations at hand. 

How to you ship wine internationally?

What is the minimum order to make a private label wine? 

At Premium Wine Broker we have no minimum orders, but some wineries that we work with do. That means that it all depends on the type of wine and price you are looking for. If you contact a winery directly the minimum order is often from 10 pallets (672 bottles per pallet) to one full truck. We can usually find an agreement with the winery to produce private labels in any quantity. Best way to know the minimum order is to tell us a little bit about what you are looking for.  

Who pays your commission?

Our commission is payed by the wine producer, which means that our clients enjoy our service at no cost. At Premium Wine Broker we have chosen to be independent, we don’t keep stocks and we can select to work with any winery we wish. We don’t help wineries to sell their stocks, we help retailers, importers and distributors find the right products for their clients. We believe it makes a huge difference for our clients to be independent. The pool of wines we can access is huge, we evaluate over 1500 Spanish wines every year. 

Why do wineries agree on paying your commission?

Wineries know that there is too much competition on the producer side, and too many wine brands on the market. As much as wineries want to claim their unique selling points the truth is that most of them do not produce wines that are non-interchangeable. Therefore many wineries with stocks to sell are happy to work with brokers, even if it means that they have to pay a small fee to the broker. The cost is still well below what they have to pay their in-house sales organisation. 

Premium Wine Broker is not a logistics company, but if the client asks for it we can get quotes from transport companies. We are not taking responibility that the shipment arrives in time or in good conditions, this is all on the transport company.

Can you help with logistics?

Can I create a private label with an alcohol free wine?

Yes, we have a service for that. If you want to create your own wine brand and need alcohol free wine, please see the details of the following page: Alcohol Free Private Label Wine