Why we come to work

Premium Wine Broker believes in promoting sustainability and true innovation in the wine industry – we do this by artfully uniting extraordinary well made wines with leading retailers and importers. We aim to be the most innovative company in the wine industry, identifying new trends faster than anyone ells.

Founder, certified Sommelier and head wine broker, Mr. Cruz Liljegren, studied to be a négociant on the university of Dijon, France. You can read more about him here.

What we do at work

We therefore taste over 500 bulk wines before assembling what is the core of our business, a yearly PDF that we somewhat confidently call “the best bulk wines on the global market”. Supermarkets, brand owners and wine importers can be confident that the bulk wines in the list are some of the best values of the year, indeed less than 5% of the wines we taste end up on the final selection. We don’t accept payments from wineries to list wines with us,

Premium Wine Broker is your independent guide to the best bulk wines on the market. We think it would be great if more people understood that the wine world is much more than what’s available in the supermarkets. We believe that consumers are intelligent and ready for what’s next.

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What clients we want

The clients of Premium Wine Broker are value driven and in need of wines with strong selling points. We want to build long-term relationships with companies and individuals that know the value of a long-term approch. But above all, our clients are looking for a partner that is willing to spend time in discussing trends, opportunities and how to become better that the competition. In short, we are not looking for one-time deals.

All enquiries: cruz@premiumwinebroker.com | Cruz Liljegren +34 694 485 986

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