PWB – independent and unbiased broker in Spanish wine

We believe that consumers are intelligent and ready for what’s next! The goal with PWB is to help wine importers and distrubitors to make optimal purchasing decisions. With us you can:

  1. Avoid inappropriate matches with wineries

  2. Keep your organisation slim

  3. Have an unbiased conversation about the market

  4. Get help to access a “buyers market”

  5. Avoid costly mistakes

What we do at work

We taste over 2500 wines every year and visit about 50 wineries. With the information advantage we have accumulated we help wine importers to reduce the risk of inappropriate matches with producers; a waste of money, time and resources. PWB is your independent guide to Spanish wines, in bulk or bottled.

Free service

Most of the times we take out commission from the winery. This means that we don’t add margins to the wineries best prices. PWB saves you money and time. For more specific information about our services press below.

What clients we want

The clients of PWB are value driven and in need of wines with strong selling points. We want to build long-term relationships with companies and individuals that know the value of a long-term approch. But above all, our clients are looking for a partner that is willing to spend time in discussing trends, opportunities and how to become better that the competition. In short, we are not looking for one-time deals.

All enquiries: | Cruz Liljegren +34 694 485 986

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