Who is the wine broker Cruz Liljegren?


Hello! My name is Cruz Liljegren, I’m the founder of this popular service, Premium Wine Broker. 

I’m born and raised in Stockholm (Sweden) and got my first job in wine as a 20 year old. That was on Systembolaget one of the biggest wine retailers in the world. I remember selling the hyped 2005 vintage from Bordeaux on my first workday, it was an ideal introduction to the world of wine :)

Since then a lot of things have happened in our industry. Brands that where on top are now almost forgotten, sustainable wines have exploded and new ways to distribute wines have increased with several hundred percent, such as online retailing. On a personal level I’ve always felt very welcome in the wine trade and Iv’e been blessed to work with some of the most intelligent people I will ever meet. 

I’ve been the nerd of nerds during my sommelier education, and a spreadsheet-junkie during my masters degree in Burgundy. I’ve learned to LOVE business. And the business of wine is everything for me. 

During my time in Burgundy I understood that shipping wine in bottles was not sustainable. I saw the effects of global warming on the wines of Burgundy and decided to build a business that would be one of “the good guys” in terms of CO2 emissions. Shipping bottled wine around the globe is the major contributor to CO2 emissions in the wine business. In building my own business model it therefore made sense to exclude the largest environmental issue.