Custom winemaking

Our custom winemaking program is used by professional clients that want to create their own bulk wine. This bulk wine can later be used for creating unique brands or private labels. 

Batches can be vinified and blended to your needs from grapes or base wines from European vineyards in all major wine producing countries. We have partnered up with experienced winemakers capable of using the latest techniques (or traditional natural wine making) depending on your needs.

Premium Wine Broker specialises in supervising the production of high quality wines while providing our clients with a seamless, professional and enjoyable experience throughout the entire process. We will suggest a winery partner that will give you the time and dedication necessary to create a successful blend. 

Benefits with our custom winemaking program 

1. Avoid up-front investments 

2. Let our experienced staff select the right winery partner based on your needs 

3. Create your own wine brand without owning a winery  

Complete list of services and available technologies

  • Winemaker Concierge
  • Complete bottling services
  • Crushing, pressing, juicing
  • Temperature controlled and humidified barrel ageing
  • Tank and Barrel Fermentation
  • Temperature control stainless storage
  • Direct flow & plate/frame filtration
  • Wide-ranging barrel services
  • Whole cluster pressing and sorting (hand & machine)
  • Comprehensive lab services
  • Organic certified processing
  • Numerous wine treatment services i.e. alcohol reduction, VA removal
  • New Europress T-150HL Closed Press
  • Full service MBF bottling line for all your bottling needs
  • New Bertolaso Multi-Capper capable of Bartop, Screwcap and Crown Cap closures
  • Pellenc "2.0" and Vega Destemmers
  • P+L Cluster Thrustor and P+L incline sorter
  • Diemme Presses (6 & 14 tons)
  • Inoxpa must pumps
  • Full service, state-of-the-art wine laboratory
  • Diemme Direct Flow Filter
  • Sweet Spotter
  • Nitrogen generation
  • Plate and frame filtration
  • 3 Tom Beard barrel washing systems and ozonated water
  • Daily ATP testing of equipment

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