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PRIVATE LABEL WINE: As a wine brokerage firm we are in the middle of the market and can easily follow what private label projects become successful. This is why wine importers, retailers, restaurants and supermarkets use our services to develop their private labels. Private labels used to be for people on a tight budget, but today they are increasingly high-quality products, especially in the wine business. Starting 2019 we also help with Spirits.

Consumers are positive to private label wines 

Shoppers have taken notice of this and are responding more and more positively to private label wines. If we are looking at the world as a whole, 71% of consumers say that quality of private label have increased (Nielsen, 2014 The State of Private Label Around The World). The same percentage believes that private label is a good alternative to producer brands.

acknowledgeded expertice in private label strategy 

Our head of wine broking Cruz Liljegren has repetedly been requested to hold lectures, talks and keynotes on the current stage of private label in the wine industry. Most recently in 2017 on the Wine Business Forum Wine2Wine in Verona and also in 2017 on the World Bulk Wine Exhibition in Amsterdam. Below you can easily follow our three phases we need to create you a successful private label wine for the world of today. 


Phase 1 | private label strategy and selection of winery partner

With our private label wine program you have hands on participation throughout the process. Usually the client has an idea of what kind of wine, or range of wines, that needs to be found. We can also develop private label wines from scratch, or just make the finishing touches. We provide you with samples in the right price point for your approval. Lastly we will outline key business terms.


Phase 2 | packaging and label design 

In terms of packaging we have experience with glass bottles, bag-in-box and PET. For larger orders everything is customisable. Most of the clients provides their own artwork/labels, these are printed either by the client or by the wine, depending on what is best. When the final packaging and wine labels are selected we move on to the last phase. 


Phase 3 | final approval and shipping 

Here you have the option of tasting your wine a final time before bottling. We have the lowest case minumums in the industry, perfect for corporate events and single location restaurants. We will after the final approval deliver the wine anywhere in the world, refrigerated shipping is available. With Premium Wine Broker, the emphasis is always on the quality of your product, your margins and your new brand — for the long term.

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