Small scale contract bottling

Entrepreneurs and brand owners know that new brands always need to be tested in the market. Small scale contract bottling is the first step you need to test out how your product gets received by consumers. It’s also an important service because it keep the industry dynamic and innovative. 

The problem is that most bottlers don’t do small scale contract bottling. It’s expensive for them in time and effort and they generally don’t care if you say that it’s just a market test. That big future orders are expected. Anything under 25,000 units is generally not accepted by normal contract bottlers.  

At Premium Wine Broker we are different, we love new products and want to do everything in our power to make our clients ideas come to life. We have therefore established relationships with small artisan bottlers throughout western Europe, eastern Europe and Scandinavia. This all means we can be flexible enough to take your product when no-one else will.

We help you with small scale contract wine bottling


We assist international brand owners with delivering a complete product to market. Our expertise range from sparkling wine, red/white wine, sangria and wine coolers. We have successfully managed the bottling of wine in PET format, can, bag-in-box, tetra and more. We can help you create a wine that that can be scaled up to full production at a later stage. 

We offer these benefits

  • We work with small bottling lines. This means they are accustomed to paying attention to detail. 
  • Scaling up to commercial production. If you already have a wine brand but are looking to change your bottling location then we can help. 
  • Bottle close to home, or in a lower-priced country. It’s a good idea to think about geography when choosing contract bottler. Bottling close to the consumer reduces the transportation cost, but bottling in a country that has lower prices are sometimes the better option. We help you decide. 
  • We offer flexible and scalable bottling options for all packaging sizes, bottle types and closure options. Our aim is to make your production as cost-effective as possible.
  • Access to BRC A grade facilites. 

Acknowledged expertise in sourcing wines

First and foremost, we are wine brokers. That means we have deep contacts on the producer side. Whatever needs you have we will find the perfect supplier. In the industry we are known for representing some of the most interesting and high-quality bulk wines on the market. In the end, it’s all about contacts. 


Trails and test bottling

If you want to create a small batch of test product we can help. We often make blends in different percentages and with specially sourced ingredients. From as little as 10 litres we can blend, carbonate and bottle your wine product. You can then receive a prototype of the wine for your own assessment. 


We are not the producer, you are

We can advice on storage conditions, fill heights, caps, carbonation levels, pasteurisation times and more. But was is important to know is that you are responsible for how your wine ends up. As a client you pay us for instructions to be followed, not for the product at the end of it. We recommend getting a good insurance before you start.

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